Recommended printing settings:

Supports - No

Layer hight - 200µm

Infill - 5%, rectilinear or grid 

Perimeters - 4

Bottom solid layers - 5

Top solid layers - 6

For ABS, Scale to 101%


No welding required

Replaceable cells


Small size, up to 400 Wh per liter

Mechanically protected

Quick assembly

Watertight option


Capacity – 103.6Wh

Size – 22x74x159.6mm

Power – 50A per module nominal (tested at 200A continues, 6P)

Volume – 0.200l

Weight – 98g (5% infill, PETG) approx.

Drawing dimensions are valid for Vented and Closed modules

Download technical drawing

Download Closed enclosure 3D model

Download Vented enclosure 3D model

Download New, V2 3D model