Resources (Click on relevant part below to open) Material guide Here is a list of materials recommended for printing enclosures using FDM printer PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate) is all round winner. It prints almost as easy as PLA. It is strong … Read More


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Welcome to N.E.S.E module home    Here You will find all the information regarding these new modules. The blog has behind scenes action so you can discover how everything is made. Resources area has all relevant technical information so you can plan … Read More

vibration test results of compression pad

Here is the data of compression performance. 2500MAh LG 18650HE2 was charged to 4.2V 5min wait then discharged to 2.8V while vibrating it at 2.5Hz (max load on compression pad occurred 2.5 times per second) Yellow line represents acceleration on … Read More