Single bolt cap

3D printed single bolt cap. Required quantity for a single battery is 2, one for negative and one for positive terminals. Disclaimer. By purchasing this product, the buyer/user agrees that he/she understands the safety precautions needed to be taken building and … Read More

power bank

Started deriving my N.E.S.E enclosure to make a power bank. 3P, 4P modules will have leftovers after cutting tabs to size. There will be enclosure available to print and fit power bank electronics and have 2.1A and 1A outputs to … Read More

printed products (enclosures, caps)

After looking around and inquiring on bulk 3D printing i don’t get it. The prices are so high, i cant comprehend whats happening. The process is more less worked out, automated and requires no man power what so ever and … Read More

6P N.E.S.E module testing, round three

I needed to push and keep testing my modules till it fails. It sort of did this time. I pushed it to 200A realm and the temperatures went through the roof. Got some Sony VTC5A cells and at the end … Read More

the future people

Cameron and Rachael Vandyke. These are the guys i am following for some time. Really different approach to velomobiles and things they do. This is how cars could be replaced in urban areas. I was told by Cameron that new … Read More

rebellious in a way

I would like to post some sites about people, that stand out, that i feel are interesting. Here is a first post. Peter Rumjantzeff. Here is the article: Rebellious in a way. All photograph are courtesy of