8P module

Printed 8P prototype to expand the range. It bumps up the capacity to almost 30AH range. Bellow it is in comparison to 6P module, about the size of LG V20 smartphone. What you think, good, too much?  

power bank

Started deriving my N.E.S.E enclosure to make a power bank. 3P, 4P modules will have leftovers after cutting tabs to size. There will be enclosure available to print and fit power bank electronics and have 2.1A and 1A outputs to … Read More

nickel plating abandoned

I am no chemist and although did work at electroplating plant, was working with zinc. I don’t know nickel plating process. The tabs i got from plating were looking very attractive. All mirror like finish and all that, but i … Read More

custom, dimple die

So went and made myself a nice and shiny dimple die punch. Used some quality AMF vertical toggle clamps which was a nice touch. I have made different one for my initial 14S6P battery design but it lacked those clamps … Read More