rebellious in a way

I would like to post some sites about people, that stand out, that i feel are interesting. Here is a first post. Peter Rumjantzeff. Here is the article: Rebellious in a way. All photograph are courtesy of

nickel plating abandoned

I am no chemist and although did work at electroplating plant, was working with zinc. I don’t know nickel plating process. The tabs i got from plating were looking very attractive. All mirror like finish and all that, but i … Read More

learning wordpress :P

Some may have noticed a Home page slider with products and pricing. The pricing there is irrelevant. It is for my own better understanding how shop works and whats what.

no more to spot welding

No more to spot welding, no more to holes 🙂 This was my take on DIY spotwelder. It never took off, started working on this N.E.S.E design. Far more enjoyable battery building experience…

custom, dimple die

So went and made myself a nice and shiny dimple die punch. Used some quality AMF vertical toggle clamps which was a nice touch. I have made different one for my initial 14S6P battery design but it lacked those clamps … Read More

making compression pads

Lucky enough i could borrow CO2 laser at friends to cut some pad samples and check fitment. Using Rogers CO2 laser cutting guidelines for poron makes it a breeze with clean cut. Some of the 3M glue fogging occurs but is … Read More

printing 6P N.E.S.E module

Prusa i3 MK2 printing 6S module out of grey Devil design PETG filament. Quality is great considering printer price tag of 760EUR including shipping. Would like to own Ulrimaker 3 or 2S thou 🙂