I have been thinking of the way i could adapt my design to be used in DIY powerwall for some time. As it was too expensive to use hardware making NESE modules left me with some 2P tabs which could be used in powerwall application. This means i could reduce price and make it more affordable. Preliminary calculations would put it at 13EUR for 24 parallel cell tabs.
I came up with the holder design that could be scales as much as 3D printer allows.
The benefits are that you can swap bad cells so using second hand cells would make it less stressful.
No more soldering. Proper fuse wire could be acquired and pressure bolted to the tab. Sure, its a fuse per two cells but its still good safety future for large parallel module without soldering.
Main thing i guess is tons of saved time.

On this scale cell holders would have to be printed locally.

Take a look at initial test sample.

If you have any ideas, projects, and would like to use something like this, contact me.

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