printed products (enclosures, caps)

After looking around and inquiring on bulk 3D printing i don’t get it. The prices are so high, i cant comprehend whats happening. The process is more less worked out, automated and requires no man power what so ever and yet it is priced highly. I thought we are moving forward.

Decided to start additive production myself, first will start slow and feel the need, expand if required. I will have 400×400 bed running 24/7 and my pessimistic estimate is 130 6P enclosures a month. Thats 13 10S batteries. The startup date is somewhere mid/end of august. Prices to be expected at €60/10S6P, €50/10S5P, €40/10S4P and €30/10S3P.

I will also start printing flexible caps. They will be available shortly, in couple of days. I have functionality, now tuning the aesthetics. All will be available in black.

P.S. So i have first batch of twin caps. Tuning took some time but stringing was reduced considerably.

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