6P N.E.S.E module testing

Someone on ES FB asked if modules would be capable of 120A. I thought, its a bit high :). Well i had no load, so got my TIG and welded nineĀ of ~40cm x 1.2mm in diameter wires to 2 stainless steel flat bar pieces. My fluke showed 0.3ohm’s for single wire. I took 9 (was lazy for the 10th). Got my shaker set up again. My force sensor broke so i could not use it. Anyways. I got temperature and accelerometer data just to see how well it all held up.

Shaker was doing 870 cycles per minute, so basically most extreme compression on the tab was at 7 times a second. I was logging at 10ms rate and it would been interesting to see what kind off compression was at extremes. I will have to repeat this when i will receive replacement sensor.

From the chart you can see how i stopped the shaker as i could not hold it in one hand, use thermometer and camera simultaneously.

I can proudly make a statement that my modules are capable of 80A continues. The temperature on the tabs went just above 30C which was the same i got on large cables. I need to push it further but i don’t have cells which could take that abuse and the ones i have, LG HE2 are rated 20A, so that might kill’em.

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