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Due to planned holidays, services will be interrupted from 8th of October through to 21st of October. Apologies for inconvenience. Service will resume as normal on Monday, 22nd. Thank you for your patience.
   Here You will find all the information regarding these new modules. The blog has behind scenes action so you can discover how everything is made. Resources area has all relevant technical information so you can plan and design Your battery packs and if any question arise, visit contact section and ask by filling in the form.


   N.E.S.E is 18650 cell format module born in Endless-Sphere community.  It was long debated and awaited product for easy 18650 cell termination and assembly into battery packs. The main goal of this module was to make it simple, easy to assemble, modular and replaceable. Key aspects are:
  • no spot welding or soldering required eliminating even tiniest heat transfer to cell internals thus keeping cells in best condition possible
  • plated tabs all around eliminate oxidation yet giving most conductivity and current handling from affordable material - copper
  • assembly requires basic tools, basic knowledge.
  • assembly is very rapid, tens of times faster than using spot welding or soldering
  • modules have good volumetric density, up to 394Wh per liter (788Wh for 6P2S module)
  • modules are replaceable and hardware reusable
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